10 Cities to visit in 2018

Now that 2018 is on and all are thinking of journey’s to take here are 10 cities all should think of to visit in 2018.

1. Boston, Mass – from history to some of the top art museums in the world – the first public library in the US to one of best symphony orchestras – world class shopping and the most hated football team in the NFL this is one of the greatest in the world to visit.

2. Wellington/Auckland, New Zealand – you can’t go wrong in either of these cities,  each have multitudes of things that will keep everyone happy and who Sauvignon Blanc lovers, you may never leave and just like Australia it is worth every minutes of the 17 hours it takes to get you there.

3. Brussels/Antwerp, Belgium – just like New Zealand you can’t go wrong with either city – they will both capture you, hold and fascinate you and beer lovers beware you will be in heaven.

4. New York City – this will forever be on my list no matter the year because this is the greatest city in the world because it is the one place where the world meets.

5. Munich, Germany – as much as I loved Berlin – Munich will always get me, the city, its history and people, Munich will forever be one of my favorite cities.

6. Mykonos, Greece – an island like none other, beautiful beaches, amazing food and nightlife that stand up to Athens.

7. Cartagena, Colombia – an hour flight from Medellin on the coast of Colombia this city has more than you might expect from the beaches to the famous Walled City’ along with some fine Colombian restaurants, this is a city you must visit – and yes, it is safe. 

8. Santiago, Chile – you get the Andes Mountains embracing you and a coastline of perfect blue beaches and a city that offers more to do than any city in South America – forget Buenos Aires and go to Chile 

2 thoughts on “10 Cities to visit in 2018

  1. Brussels and I didn’t get off on the best start, however, I LOVED Cartagena! I would totally
    return. I have some preconceived notions about Boston that I need to get out of my head
    before I visit, lol.

    1. As travelers we can never have pre-conceived notions about a place, but I am curious as to what yours are of Boston, please share. And did you ultimately enjoy Brussels?

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