10 More Places in the World Everyone Should See

Earlier in the year I posted 10 places in the world everyone should see  http://thetravelingblackman.com/10-places-everyone-see/  well here are my next ten I think you should see

  1. Scandinavia During the Summer Solistice – there is nothing quite like experiencing 24 hours of straight daylight.
  2. Hachiko Square – if there is one place that can top Times Square – this is it – alive and vibrant and it brings the world together.
  3. Picadilly Circus – the best place to sit and watch this city come to life day or night
  4. The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace – personally I do not care if I never see another change of guard the rest of my life but the one at the palace is worth it.
  5. The Andes Mountains – embracing countries throughout South and Central these beautiful mountains are a site to be seen.
  6. Disney World – with all the additions to the ‘Magic Kingdom’ you could spend a month here and you would’ve seen nothing.  This is a place that can not be described. 
  7. El Penon de Guatape  – 750 winding steps that will take you to amazing and it worth every step – are you up for the challenge?
  8. The Statue of Liberty – one of the most iconic statues in the world that no picture will ever do justice too.
  9. The Empire State Building – this iconic building has the best views of NYC, New Jersey and beyond.
  10. The Sky Tower – standing 1,076 feet high in the Auckland Skyline – this is truly a beautiful city.

I am sure all that read this have your own choices and I would love to hear them and if you have ever been to the one’s on my list.

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