10 places in the world everyone should see

10 places everyone should see, how many times have we said that to someone planning a vacation – ‘You should go here or you should go there’ – ‘you must see this or you must see that’ – ‘drive here or walk that, run this or climb that’  How many times as a traveler have you said this to anyone or someone has said it you.  

The moment someone tells us they’re planning a vacation we want take control of the situation to the point we’ve pretty much put together their entire vacation from flight, to hotel and the list of things for them to see and the first thing I tell a person if the country is expensive or budget friendly.  We’d all love to travel in that small percentage of the population ‘money no object, first class flight,a suite of the four seasons and dine in the five star restaurants wherever we’re going, but for the majority of us that isn’t and most likely will never be a reality.

Now I’ve compiled a list of 10 places everyone should see that is budget friendly and places I believe we should all see

1. Times Square – this might surprise those that read this with all the other places on my list that could’ve been number one, but I could’ve easily put New York City but it is Times Square that makes NYC the amazing place it is because connects you to the entire world and connects you to all of New York at the same time, you could sit here for hours and watch the world on given day and that is why Times Square earned my spot as number one.

2. Jerusalem – whether it be spending a day with the walls of The Old City, climbing the Mountain of Olives or walking the path that Jesus walked, what sets Jerusalem apart from the other places is everyone can be a part of it.  It is not the religious factor but it is a place everyone can understand and appreciate.  The belief that this is where where our very creation began and while there has been and always will be conflicting opinions the very possibility it could be is reason enough.

3. The Eiffel Tower – like New York I could’ve easy put Paris but that is too easy with all the things there are to do to stand before the Eiffel Tower is a moment where you could be speechless to finally see one of the most iconic and recognized structures in the world and be able to appreciate is massive size and for those of you willing to ride to the top you can appreciate it’s height and be as speechless as on the ground.


4. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial – what country in this world has not been effected by war, having thousands of lives lost because of it, families constantly having to bury a loved one because of it, this memorial pays tribute to all of the 57,939 US Soldiers that died during the Vietnam War and remembers their sacrifice that allows for the freedom of peoples around the world and a grateful country that will never forget.


5. The 9/11 Museum – for someone to truly understand the impact this moment had on the entire world you must visit this museum and see how it pays tribute to all the lives lost but it also allows you to relive that day with a new perspective and realize how it is even larger than anyone of us ever realize and how it changed the world forever starting with humanity.  Because on that day we saw how the value of a persons life varies by country.


6. The Swiss Alps – this goes both ways because the money no object and budget friendly traveler can cone together in peace and harmony without possibility of conflict because your paths never really cross and you are able to both enjoy the alps together and enjoy a canvas of white that reaches into the sky, with hostels starting at $38 a night to the five star starting at $125 a night sit side by side and enjoy or board the euro rail and enjoy the alps on board a train that weaves in and out of tunnels blending in perfectly with these majestic mountains as its backdrop.


7. Mykonos– for those of us that want to escape the world for a few days visit Mykonos, relax and spoil yourself.  Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and Greek food at every turn and nightlife that will please everyone – shut the cell phones and put the computers away and simply lay back and forget the world for a few days.


8. The Colossuem – stand in this massive structure and just imagine all that took place, men imprisoned left to fight for their freedom whether it be another man or some of the deadliest animals on the planet, see where they were imprisoned until it was fight time and then it was on and up to 80,000 people cheered them on.


9. The Gaudi Temple – this fascinating temple stands high above the city of Barcelona.  And like Jerusalem it is a place we can all be a part of to appreciate and even learn from.  With the distinct etchings within the marble stone that tells the story of Jesus to its distinct architecture this temple is truly a place all should see for real.


10. Auschwitz – I know some may ask how could I put a concentration camp on a top ten list of places in the world to visit, the fact is it might the most important place on this list to visit because this truly represents all mankind – the hatred, and survival of each one of us – from those that attempted to exterminate an entire people and a world that did nothing to stop it and for a chosen few the ones that survived.

I am sure everyone one of us those places that will always be among my favorite and maybe some of yours are on this list – but I’d love to hear what some of yours are – happy travels.


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