10 places in Sydney, Australia everyone should visit

For those of you that can sit on a plane for seventeen hours and lose a day in your life, get a boat load of dramamine and book your flight to Australia because it is worth it every minute of every hour on board a plane – this is one of the most amazing places I have been.  And while I flew from Chile which was thirteen hours, and that is still a long time, I’d fly the twenty plus hours on any given day to visit once again because Sydney, Australia is worth it – and here ten places in Sydney, Australia everyone should visit.

I arrived with absolutely no concept of time I just wanted to check into my room at the Radisson and sleep and sleep and sleep and that is exactly what I did.  And two amazing weeks later here are the ten favorite things I saw and did.

1. Climb the Sydney Bridge – for those of you not afraid of heights and want to see this entire city from what I consider to be the best place – you must do it – I climbed it both day and night and Sydney illuminated is like nothing else.


2. The Sydney Opera House – begin or end your climb with a tour of the Sydney Opera House, one of the most iconic and recognizable structures in the world.  This tour gives you a history lesson on why it is the most famous opera house is the world.  And if you’re luckily enough as I was you’ll get to hear the symphony rehearse and I can only say – ‘WOW’


3. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium – just about every marine animal on the planet have a home here.  What makes it so fascinating is that you are walking through tunnels of glass and these fascinating creatures are all around you – I easily spent two hours, for those of you with kids – a great day to spend a few hours.


4. Any Food and Wine Trail – no matter what your wine preference you’ll find it on any one of of these given tours and the perfect foods to pair with it. And you get to see the beautiful Sydney countryside as an added bonus.


5. Art Gallery of South Wales – for those of you that love an entire a day seeing the greatest works of art by the greats of any given time.


6. Museum of Contemporary Art – if your love is contemporary art, and it isn’t mine I always visit art museums when I travel to different cities and this one is worth a couple of hours of your time.


7. Queen Victoria Building – occupies an entire block with over 180 stores, restaurants and cafes.  And an architectural wonder.  It is Sydney’s most popular and prestigious shopping mall


8. Tarongo Zoo – it is the zoo of Sydney and like the aquarium it has every animal you could ask for.  You can even sleepover in safari style tents (something I did not do) but the zoo is a great place.


9. Sydney Tower Eye – 820 feet above the city, those without a fear of heights again this is your spot.  It even has an observation deck so you can get see all of this city and beyond.


10. Sydney Harbor – no bridge climb or opera house tour just come, sit relax and simply listen to this amazing city.

There are countless other place to see and things to do in this amazing place and while I did so much more, these were my ten favorite on another post I will tell you of my favorite restaurants and food I never thought I’d try.










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