5 Foods I never thought I would ever eat

Wherever I travel too when it comes to foods native of that country I will always try, many times food I have never had before, food I’d never thought I’d ever see on a menu.  So often I have had that ‘wow’   Here are the top five foods I’d never thought I’d try.  The first two tied for the top one is an animal we find so cute and cuddly but in this part of the world they eat them, the other is one I’d be running from inside my own house growing up

1. Kangaroo – I never thought I’d ever see kangaroo on a dinner menu.  An animal we see at as cute in cuddly, in Australia they eat them.  I tried it and one time was plenty.

Sharing the top spot with the kangaroo is an insect I spent many years running from as I child while my mother ran after it with a can of raid.

1. Cockroach – the name alone should turn all of us because there’s no way to make it sound appetizing. ‘cockroach chowder’  ‘cockroach ceaser salad’ or ‘New York Sirloin topped with cockroach.’  In Bangkok the name means nothing because they love it.  Well like the kangaroo I decided to give it a try but all I could envision was my mother chasing after them with a can of RAID, but to my shock I actually liked it – soft and crunchy – it wasn’t all that bad.

3. Donkey – it was in Italy I tried donkey, donkey ravioli to be exact another delicacy I was pleasantly surprised by, it is quite tender and a lot of flavor to it, add some garlic and olive oil and you will be loving it as I did.

4. Zebra – I tried this in Berlin and like the kangaroo all I could do think of was zebra and it could’ve the best food ever, but the visualization kept me from enjoying both.

5. Piranha – I had this in Venezuela when I was there in 2005 and while I am not biggest fan of seafood but for some reason this caught my eye and I decided to give it a try and being from Boston, cod and haddock are my two favorite fish so the piranha was quite different but I actually enjoyed it.

I would love to hear about some of the foods you’ve tried that usually aren’t on menus in the US, or whatever part of the world you reside – and if you’ve ever had any of the foods I have tried I’d love to know if you liked or hated it, eat on my fellow travelers. 


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