750 steps to amazing

It is called ‘El Penon de Guatape’, an landmark inseberg (an isolated rock hill, knob, ridge, or small mountain) located  in the town and municipality of GuatapéAntioquia, about two hours outside of Medellin.  What makes the rock so famous is the way you get to the top, a mere 750 steps will get you there, the rock has no modern convenience so you want to see Guatape from it’s highest point get the walking shoes on, and get ready for a workout.

You can pay for a vehicle to get you to and but there’s no challenge either way at one point you will have to climb these 750 steps to amazing.  And once you start it is a challenge like none other and every twenty five steps in bright yellow lettering at the numbers you have climbed so far, and I don’t know if it’s there to tease, torture or inspire but it does remind you how much further you have to go.

And the way the steps are designed is they are so narrow that you really can only sit down at certain places otherwise people will constantly be climbing over you.  But for those of you that take on the challenge and reach the top it is worth every step.








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