Beautiful Barcelona

I made my fisrt visit to Barcelona in 2003 and I fell immidiately it’s history, beauty, architecture, art and its people – it will always be one of my favorite cities. On our third in Sitges the guys and I made our first visit and the moment we exited the train station all the memories of my first visit were immidiate as if time hadn’t touched it. Barcelona is a city where you can just walk and find one of its many attractions all by accident. Our first ‘accident’ was Casa Batlló designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi and it is one the most reconized structures in the city.

Something else I love about Barcelona is how it is a old and new at the same time – buildings that have stood for centuries stand side by with a building brand new and the blend together in between giving the city even more beauty.  And the presence of Gaudi and the many buildings he designed.

As we walked more and more all I could do was remember the wonderful time I had hear. There is something special about this city and the Spaniards couldn’t be any nicer or helpful. They are an added gem to this great city. After a few hours of a lot of walking we finally made our way to one of the largest structures in Barcelona – The Gaudi Temple.

A massive church that can not be compared to any of the churches I’ve entered in my seventeen years of travel. It is a combination of Gothic and Art Noveau and Gaudi dedicated his life to it. In 1926 he passed away with less than a quarter of the project completed, the year 2030 is when it will be completed.

What you are able to see is absolute fascination. Etchings of stone that tell a story of all people’s and their struggles and the constant search to find God their peace and sense of being. It demonstrates the fears we all have and our constant search for happiness, something every one of us in this life is looking for.


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