Berlin has some soul (food)

Something else that makes travel so amazing is finding the unexpected in places you’d never imagine – ‘soul food’ in Berlin, Germany?  Oh yeah with restaurants that could compete with the best in the US.  For those of you that crave barbecue ribs and chicken, pulled pork and even a philly cheesesteak here some spots you’ll find it.  

1. Chicago Williams – hands down the best anywhere in Berlin, it could easily compete with best in the US.  The ribs alone are worth it and for those that visit – get the full slab.  For those that really want to try everything on the menu, the meat platter is all yours.

2. Angry Chicken – how many would ever imagine soul food and Korea all in one?  Cinnamon and sweet chili fried chicken or soy garlic.  The angry beef burger is on a sweet potato roll marinated beef will also make you happy.

3. Ya-Man – Caribbean Soul food is what you’ll find here and it is absolutely amazing.  I loved the smoke chicken in the Jamaican jerk sauce.  For those on the more adventurous side, which I am not, even with a mother from the south there is stewed oxtail and goat meat.  Visit Ya-Man.

4. Massai Restaurant – this is an upscale restaurant that offers authentic African cuisine.  With meats ranging from zebra to ostrich of course me being the whimp I am stayed with the chicken and the air dried beef, but what I did have I loved it. 

5Savanna – this is another restaurant offering authentic African cuisine – but a different setting and menu and because it was last night in town (this was my second trip) I decided to go for it.  I had crocodile soup, ostrich salad and a zebra filet and enjoyed them as much as possible once I got by the animal.


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