Nightfall In Palermo

Palermo’s nightlife can stand side by side with any major city and hold its own and with all it has to offer no matter you want you will find it.  As for all of us in the 9 – 5 world we count the days until Friday and the was the same in Palermo once night falls over this city it truly comes alive.  

Vecchio Centro (Old Town) – it is home to some of the most iconic and historical sites in the city.  This historical center is one of the largest in Europe once night has fallen it becomes the hub of Palermo’s nightlife.  It is one long row of bars on both sides with the majority of people congregated in the middle enjoying the night with friends and you even have the a spot offering some fast food.  These historic roads and squares provide some of the most memorable nights you can have in all of Sicily. And off the main street are alleyways with more to choose from.  It is my first full night in this great city. I stopped at the first bar I’d pass and start drinkings I continued drinking I ultimately started meeting locals, sitting down and chatting with them all, shaking hands and making friends moments that define a journey, the experiences that will always make it far more than you ever expect. Theses are the moments where someone is your friend for just that moment or it is the beginning of something beautiful.

The alcohol outside of the US is much stronger than the watered down liquor we drink and the more people I met no one would let me buy them a drink. As the night went on I just fell in love with this city and the people in it – the alcohol flowed and for the time we all spent together knew friendships were formed and we all found that common ground and just enjoyed with one another. I didn’t remember a single name but that night it didn’t matter there for whatever reason on this night we were all meant to be together living and loving this life.

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