pizza in Palermo

It is rare for me to visit a city and not try all its cuisine which I did in Palermo but something I had everyday was pizza – authentic Sicilian pizza can not be equaled!!!!!  And here are my favorite and it is a five way tie

1. Dima’s Pizza – absolute perfection,  now I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to pizza, love a great margherita, and theirs was out of this world.  But on my second visit (yes I went twice) I had the four formaggi that has my heart – how often have you had pizza that words couldn’t do it justice, this was it, and had it not been for all the other restaurants I could’ve eaten there the entire I was there.

2. Mounir Pizzeria e Kebab –  the value and hospitality alone make this place worth a visit but it is the type of pizza that will make you stay – pizza kebob – different and delicious.

3. Frida Pizzeria –  another spot that could be by number one choice.  Nice and intimate even though I was eating alone I didn’t care once my pizza was placed in front of me.  I had ‘Paintings,’ it is a square shape where each corner is stuffed with the same ingredients as the dressing, and you’ll find the perfect to match your choice – when was the last time you went out to dinner and had wine and pizza?  And you will want for nothing with the great staff.

4. Pizzeria Italia – pizza cooked in a wood burning oven is what make their pizza so amazing and a taste like none I’ve ever experienced but I hope it will not be the last and whatever pizza you choose make sure you add the buffalo mozzarella.

5. Villa Constanza – I never thought I’d ever eat horse meat and when I did it wouldn’t be a pizza with pumpkin sitting in a restaurant in Palermo, Sicily – but I was, I did and I loved it.  


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