Romantic Boston

It is the most romantic day of the year in the US.  Red roses, chocolate and dinner for two.  And men and women hoping and praying that you will hear those two words ‘I will’ before the night ends, it is February 14th, it is Valentine’s Day.  And for those of you that will spend this day in Boston here are five of the cities most romantic restaurants.  

  1. Top of the Hub – an icon in sitting Boston 52 stories high above the city.  Illuminated by candles and a view of the city at night – this might be the definition of romantic restaurant.
  2.  Moo – aside from being one of the cities top steakhouses, located steps away from the State House this is one more restaurant where the lady and gentlemen will spend the night glazing into the each others’ eyes.
  3. Davios Italian Steakhouse – located in Boston’s famed Back Bay, you want a night of love and romance visit one of the city’s top restaurant
  4. The Oak Long Bar & Kitchen – the love of your life, candles and a roaring fireplace, this is romance.
  5. Deuxave – not only romantic but very intimate something it has over the other’s.  French and American cuisine chic and a fireplace as well.   


Walk With Me 

Once dinner is over and you just don’t want the night to end here are five places in the city that will only add to the amazing I hope you had.

The Public Garden – illuminated, peaceful and yes very romantic if you still haven’t popped the question – this might be the place to do it.

The Charles River  – the city of Cambridge reflects off the water with its beautiful skyline rising above it.  Sit and enjoy the calm and serenity.

The Mall on Commonwealth Avenue – illuminated trees and monuments in each block dedicated this is the perfect place to sit with the sounds of Boston and be one with each other.

Marlborough Street – snuggled between Commonwealth Avenue and Beacon Street this is the quietest street in the city.  Gas lit lamps and cobblestone streets, peace and serenity.

Beacon Hill – it’s the side streets and the alleyways that add to mystique and romance of the beauty of this city.


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