you really call this art?

As a man that has traveled to some of the most amazing art galleries around the world each displaying some of the finest works from the world’s best artist.  Renoir, Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, a list that can go on forever.  The most famous works of art known the world over.  And while I am total admiration for what they’ve done it is when I get to the contemporary art when I start asking ‘that’s art?’  Most of which left me baffled, wondering how it made its way into these museums.  

From a water bubbler to a collection of stones just spread out on the floor to a bicycle asking myself -‘am I missing something?’  Exhibit after exhibit leaving me speechless.  Many years ago the television news program 60 Minutes did piece called but is it art?  It became one of the most controversial stories they’d ever done and like me and I am sure plenty out there that read this Morley Safer was asking – ‘but is it art?’  

Part 1, 1993

Part 2, 2012


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