The Places You Find Love

It was raining when I met you
You were soaking wet
No time to be impressed
And I remember, so much later on
I knew that you were someone I would not forget


I can feel it all around me
The need to find the place where feelings can be safe
It’s not money that buys happiness
It’s not the shine of silver that puts the heart to rest
Everybody’s pushing, the clock is always running
And no one ever seems to have enough
And when you least expect it
You come upon the places you find love


It’s a river never stopping
Winding in and out, but you should never doubt
It will lead you to the ocean someday
There’s no way to fight it, let it carry you away
But it’s always in the giving
That gets you to the places that you find love

Little children laughing and playing
‘Cause they haven’t learned to start hating
Never giving up
They still believe in love, sweet love


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