5 on The Amalfi

5 things you must see and do on the Amalfi Coast



1. The Path of Gods – it doesn’t matter your age, whether you like hiking or not this is the place to stand, stare and admire what is easily one of the best coast lines anywhere in the world. It is truly as close to heaven and the Gods as you might get.


2. Salerno – with all the town’s to visit along the coast, if you visit just one Salerno must be it. It is a maze of narrow streets, alley ways and along with ancient palaces.


3. Conca dei Marini – with lemon scented orchards filling the air the popularity is due to the Grotto dello Smeraldo (The Emerald Grotto) one of the most popular karst cavities in the world.

(The karst cavities are filled with white, halloysite clays containing micro-crystals of galena associated with calamine (Zn) and iron oxides.)


4. Ravello – sitting high above it all looking out onto the Mediterranean with a music festival every year this town of 2,000 is a great place to start any day of sightseeing.


5. Any Wine Tour – with so many to choose from a wine tour is the best way to enjoy the wines of Italy, get a bit of education and make some new friends and get a good buzz on.


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