Medellin, Colombia – Epilogue

Medellin, Colombia: Well I don’t know what more I can say about this amazing city aside from go!!  So many have a view of South and Central American countries as violent and dangerous places and they are there is no denying that.  But what also can not be denied is the fact Colombia is a country everyone should visit – there is no cartel driving around kidnapping tourists or streets littered with dead bodies or drug deals at every turn.  The fact is Medellin is a city I never felt unsafe but like any major city you know where and where not to go and violence is universal.  But open up your mind and simply appreciate this city for all it is and has you’ll find amazing.

Medellin’s nightlife can stand side by side with any city in the world and hold its own and in some cases surpass it and the place to be in any given night is ‘Park Lleras’ in the city’s Zona Rosa section.  He you will find everything and anything for every taste.  From the best bars and restaurants to top nightclubs playing everything from salsa to hip hop and all in between, you can even yourself a prostitute, during the night the place is wall to wall people and in the day time it is the exact opposite.

While the streets are not littered with dead bodies it is littered with homeless men, women and children living in utter despair wanting, waiting for any amount of money, piece of food, whatever anyone can spare.  Something every single person can relate to because this too is universal.  The people of Medellin, Colombia are among the nicest I’ve met in my travels and they are ready to share their lifestyle culture.  They’re a people that are happy with a love for life, their culture and country and they are ready to share it with the world, once the world let’s the go of their past, live in the present and go experience this country.






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