My 10 favorite cities

Here are the ten cities I will forever pay to visit:

1. Medellin, Colombia – I know this may surprise many of you with the nine that will follow but I found my love in Medellin, the person I want to spend my life with. So often people say long distance relationships never last whether it be in different states or different cities in that state somehow this has lasted for three years and it has gotten stronger. Perhaps I fall into the group that have made their long distance relationship work. So if their one place in this world where money will never be an object to visit, it is Medellin.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel – there is something magical about this city, country it is too bad this is a place that is only in the news when an act of violence has taken place and it keeps people from visiting because you have no idea of what you are missing.

3. Sydney, Australia – an eighteen hour flight worth every single minute – from a climb up the Sydney Bridge to a night listening to their incredible orchestra and my first and only time eating kangaroo and so much in between this city is fascinating.

4. Santiago, Chile – with Argentina getting most of the attention in South America it is Santiago that gets mine from its perfect blue waters to the Andes mountains that embrace I have no problem paying to see this city.

5. Budapest, Hungary – this would be my first country I’d visit in Eastern Europe with a hotel on the River Danube and one side of the river as beautiful as the other it is another city I will pay for my flight.

6. Munich, Germany – it was the second city I’d visit in Germany on my first trip as well as my last before returning to Boston and after the time spent there I couldn’t have asked for a better ending.

7. Prague, Czech Republic – this would be the third city I’d visit in Eastern Europe and what I loved about it at no point did ever feel like you were in a big city, that along with red roofs everywhere and the culture of this city and all it has to offer you never have to ask ‘do you want to go to Prague?’

8. Zurich, Switzerland – without question the cleanest city I have ever visited, but that aside the people that call this beautiful city home is one of the main reasons I will visit this ‘neutral’ city.

9. Cracow, Poland – my first time in Cracow lasted only four days but what I did see I loved and when I return with all this city has to offer it will be a lot longer.

10. Stockholm, Sweden – another city I visited during the summer solstice and I fell in love with and with twenty four hours of daylight each day I was there it made seeing this city all the better and the nightlife was some of the best I’ve experienced.

So these are my top ten cities that money will never be an object to visit – the histories, all it has to offer, cultures but above all else the people that call it home. I’d love to hear what cities you’ve visited on the list and your experience.

Honorable Mentions:

Berlin, Germany – you can never forget first time – who can?

Melbourne, Australia – a pretty close second to Sydney but still worth every minute to get there

Bangkok, Thailand – between Hong Kong and Tokyo this city gets my vote when it comes to Asia

Oslo, Norway – just a beautiful relaxing city

Rome, Italy – after spending a year teaching English and an experience of a lifetime Rome will always get a yes from me.

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