5 of each in Copenhagen

After a day of sightseeing this beautiful city go to dinner and have an authentic Danish meal, for the time I was there I couldn’t get enough and here are my five favorite’s:


  1. K0kkeriet – if you have every single meal in Copenhagen this must be it, Danish cuisine at it is finest, from the wine, the food, the service and everything in between. I can’t say enough about other than – GO!!!! http://kokkeriet.dk/en/ 
  2. Krebsegaarden – coming in a close second, another spot you can not miss out on, if there another place to have every single in Copenhagen, this would be it, you know a restaurant is amazing if you’re eating foods you don’t even like.  http://www.krebsegaarden.dk/en/home/  
  3. Palaegade – serving lunch and dinner along with fine beer and brandy.  Either lunch or dinner you can’t go wrong.  http://palaegade.dk/forside/    
  4. Kodbyens Fiskebar – in the city’s meatpacking district visit have a great seafood meal   http://fiskebaren.dk/fiskebaren/      
  5.                                                                                            Engelsk – for those looking for a perfect for an authentic Danish breakfast with everything you could imagine you must have it here.   https://restaurantamalie.dk/frokostmenu/english.aspx 

Five of the Best Beers in Copenhagen

Danish Beer – Carlsberg Beer is probably the best known Dutch beer around the world and for that reason I never try the ‘popular beer’ of any country, instead I try the beers that few outside of the country have ever heard of and in five days I consumed a lot, and to my surprise most were dark something I rarely drink here are my 5 favorite:

  1. Mikkeller Nelson Sauvignon – this earned my top spot because while it is beer, it has many different flavors that blend perfectly along with a crisp and light body.
  2. Warpigs Smoldering Holes Eagle Rare Barrel Aged – this one got the number 2 spot for its perfect aroma melding hints of raisin, toffee and, caramel.  A great beer that will pair well with anything.
  3. Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake (Bourbon Edition) – when was the last time you had beer with your scrambled eggs and bacon?  Well if you ever do make it this one – dark and sweet combined.
  4. Amager / Jameson Green, Green Banshee – pours pitch black with hints of just about everything chocolate – bread, toffee, caramel,  dark chocolate, cocoa and whiskey
  5. To Øl Liquid Confidential (Confidence Rhum Barrel Aged) – this too is a black beer with a touch of rum and smells of walnuts and cocoa, enjoy. 

Anyone visiting Copenhagen with a love an passion for incredible, home grown beer Denmark will not disappoint you.

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