5 Sauvignon Blanc’s from New Zealand

I am not the biggest fan of white wine, in fact I rarely drink it.  And when I do 9 times out of 10 it was always chardonnay.  The fact is I never gave any other white wine any consideration, if it wasn’t chardonnay I wanted nothing to do with it.  That all changed the day I tried my first New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc on a three journey through Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand in an instant Chardonnay was pushed aside, I had fallen in love with sauvignon blanc.

When my three week adventure began my knowledge of sauvignon blanc was next to zero, actually it was zero and what’s even more embarrassing is I was a waiter.  By the end of my three weeks in this beautiful country I was an expert, so for those that don’t know what to get me for Christmas pick one of these five and you won’t go wrong.

Now the thing about the on this list they’re all my favorite but just like with any wine of the same kind there will always be your favorite, second, third and on.  So after three weeks of drinking sauvignon blanc’s from Auckland to Wellington, New Zealand here are my five favorites so for those thinking of what to get me for Christmas any one of these will make me smile:

1. Pegasus Bay Sauvignon Semillon Waipara Valley – this wine reminds of passion fruit (something I never once associated with wine).  It also had a hint of plum and herbs it also helps when you’re drinking with a wine expert but he guided through and explained it all.  And as the wine ‘opened up’ – a phrase he used the hint of citrus rose to the top of the wine creating perfection.

2. Whitehaven Marlborough – this could’ve been a tie, but Pegasus earned the top spot. This was a bit more fruity – peach nectar and asparagus (something I’d never thought I’d say about a wine) but once I concentrated on it – I actually began to smell its aroma.  And while it is a bit more on the fruity side it will pair well with any seafood or pasta and if you like white wine a filet, I would only pair with a filet.

3. Kim Crawford – this one I found more a melon and hints of grass and very clean bouquet and once again passion fruit.  Something else I liked about this wine it had an array of flavors with no real dominant it was a perfect blend that would pair will cheese and perhaps a shrimp or seared tuna.

4. Spy Valley – a small winery produces this amazing wine.  This one I found more of an apple/ lemon scent.  It was refreshing with a good mixture of fruit scent and flavor and a perfect addition to striped bass or sauteed scallops.

5. Oyster Bay – and the final of top five is one I did try in Boston at a tasting for the restaurant I worked for at the time.  It could’ve been the best tasting wine on the planet but I was furious that I had to come in a day off to sample wine, and I didn’t even care.  Well after tasting it I wish I had paid more attention – this is a great wine, it was more medium body with citrus aromas and a great finish.  A perfect match a salad with a perfect salmon or sliced steak cooked at a perfect medium.

And those are my five favorite Sauvignon Blanc’s and while other countries do produce in my opinion they can’t touch New Zealand.  So if you ever do visit (and you should, these two cities are beautiful) and perfect wines along the way.

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