Nikon D3300 vs. Canon EOS Rebel T6 EF – they’re almost twins

I have pretty much used every type of camera on the planet when it comes to capturing my journey’s.  Once I moved into DSLR camera’s this was unchattered territory for me.  Up until now I’d been using my Canon Powershot (please don’t laugh at me) or my camcorder which was also a Canon.  Now because this was new for me I’d done research on both and side by side they’re almost identical twins with very few differences.  Nikon D330 vs. Canon EOS Rebel T6 EF let’s see who my winner is.

Again because this was new to me I decided to start with the entry level camera – the Nikon D3300 and the Canon EOS Rebel T6i.  Well right out of the box they both offer the same additions.  A zoom lense, software, strap and charger.  And they both have 24.2 megapixels, the previous Rebels were only 18 megapixels.

Ease of use this one will go to the Nikon.  The digital interface is very user friendly and guides you through every section of the camera. The Rebel is a fold out screen that takes away from the ease by adding this extra step and taking your attention away from the image you are taking.  And the view finder only covers 95% of the image you are taking

 Wi-fi goes to the Canon if you want wi-fi for the Nikon you will have to purchase an adapter taking more money out of your wallet.  As for the hi-def video recording it’s a draw – both have 1080p lens with video resolution 1920 x 1080.  Another feature the Nikon has over the Canon is weight it is 55 grams lighter the Nikon is also smaller, narrower and shorter making it far easier to carry and a lot lighter around your neck.  For those of you that need or want continuous shooting this again goes to the Nikon with 5 fps compared with the Canon 3 fps and as for battery life once again it is the Nikon – 700 shots compared with Canon’s 500.

At the end of the day Nikon triumphs over the Canon in just about every category except wi-fi and all you need is buy an adapter and you will have it on your Nikon, while it is an added expense compared to the multitude of features it has over the Canon it will be worth it.  And as for price they’re both around $450 and with the all the additional features compared to what you get with the more expensive DSLR’s. 

 If the label were removed from both camera’s you’d be hard pressed to find any difference.  when it came down to picture quality.  But what you would realize is one has far more features than the other and easier to use giving is amazing pictures with very little ease and if something is bit more complicated we want a camera than guide us through it as painless is possible so when it comes down to the Nikon D3300 vs. the Canon T6 EF it’s a knockout – the Nikon D3300 is the far superior camera.








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