not even a free ticket will get me back

We all have those cities we will never return even for a free ticket, for whatever reason from safety, to lack of interest or you’ve visited the city enough, there are those places even for a free ticket we still wouldn’t go back – here are my top ten – what are yours?

  1.  Rio – in the fifty five cities I have ever visited I have never felt more unsafe than I did here.  I was always looking over my shoulder, went out with little money and never wore jewelry, the plane couldn’t fly me fast to get me out.
  2. Brisbane, Australia – it’s like the cousin you visit because you happen to be in town.
  3. Pisa, Italy – once you’ve seen the Leaning Tower, you’ve seen Pisa
  4. Aruba – it could easily be Miami just a lot more expensive.
  5. Bangkok – Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, I just wasn’t feeling it
  6. Naples, Italy – since the sanitation workers strike in 2007 the garbage is everywhere and the stench that goes along with it sadly it might be the only thing you’ll remember of this once beautiful city.
  7. Panama City, Panama – an amazing city that I’ve always enjoyed and there is no need to return.
  8. Zagreb, Croatia – now you know a city is boring when the people that live there tell you there is nothing to do, well they are right, this city has absolutely nothing to do.
  9. Istanbul, Turkey – I have no regrets about visiting Turkey, it is a country I had to see up close, to see and enjoy the culture and way of life – but I honesty felt as if I were being watched.
  10. Vienna, Austria – an absolutely beautiful city, that will forever be among my favorites – been there, done that – no need to return. 


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