Medellin, Colombia – A Pictorial

Someone once said ‘third times the charm’ well for me it was my first visit to Medellin that had me in its grasp.  This city is amazing and the five days I spent there I experienced more than I ever expected.  Here are some of the images that make up this beautiful city.

El Pablado was the neighborhood I’d stay, it is the city’s most beautiful – 

Within El Pablado is a section of the city known as ‘Zona Rosa’, you’ll find this part of El Pablado far more casual and some of the city’s best nightlife.  ‘Park Lleras’ is the place to be on any given night to start, end or spend your night.  It caters to whatever you want from a small intimate bar to some of the best discos in Medellin and because of that I chose to take pictures during the day.  

This is ‘Zona Rosa.’

This is ‘Park Lleras


With the multitude of things to see and do in Medellin the one thing, if you have the stamina and it requires a lot, is to climb El Penon de Guatape (The Rock of Guatape).  It is a 750 step climb to the top of this rock but when you reach the top you’ll see the 750 steps were worth it.

This is El Penon de Guatape (The Rock of Guatape)

I will forever believe that no matter what a country has from its history to the sites it offers and everything in between it will forever be the people that make it what it is.  I have been to some of the most beautiful places in the world and the people of that country where people weren’t as warm as the country itself and a simple handshake was not to be.  Well in Colombia everyone shook my hand and here are some of the faces of the men and women that call Medellin home.

The Faces of Colombia






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