Press ‘2’ for English

As an English speaking man when it comes to travel that might be the biggest luxury I have.  I know whatever non-English speaking country I visit the language difference will not be an issue.  Any restaurant more than likely will have a menu in English, street signs, all tourist attractions, and public transportation wherever we travel to a non-English speaking country we will survive.  Earlier this week I heard people at my job that had issues that there was the option to press ‘2’ for Spanish when they made a call to a doctor’s office to an 800 number.  I stood and left the lunch room before I got myself fired.

Speaking English is not a luxury it is a blessing when it comes to travel.  As I write and read this there are millions of people around this world visiting countries where they will find no place their language is spoken – menus, street signs, tourist attractions to nightlife – wherever they visit they will not find anything in their language or anyone that speaks it.

On four of my journeys I required medical attention and if there were a time I knew I was blessed were these four times.  These are the four times I was truly grateful because I didn’t have to press ‘2’ for English.  And while I do wish I could speak a different language I know wherever I do travel for the most part I will not have a problem.  English is the third most spoken language in the world behind Chinese and Spanish.  And how many countries will a person that speaks an Asian language will find a menu, street sign, or a person in an emergency room that speak their language.  We are also spoiled because we speak English.

So to the ladies from the lunch room to anyone of us that travel there might be that day when you visit a country where the English language is no where to be found – no menu, street sign, not a single person starting with an emergency room where you or your child need medical attention and press ‘2’ for English in not an option.


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