Sitges, Spain – an untouched paradise

When my friends and I were deciding on a country to visit for vacation years ago many countries were discussed from South and Central America to the Middle East and we were never all on the same page.  So we started by removing places two had no interest in and the Middle East would be taken out first and Central and South America followed, no one had any interest in Asia and no one wanted to sit on a plane for 18 hours so Australia didn’t make the cut either.  So we were left with Europe and once again we all suggested places to visit and once again it was a controlled chaos until we finally agreed upon a country, Spain.

Personally I didn’t want to go I’d been twice and that was plenty for me but I was out voted two to one. Well if I was going back I was going to a place I’d never been too.  After a few weeks of research I found that place – Sitges – and once we are all in agreement, Sitges was on.  

Sitges has a population of 26,000 and it is located between the Garraf Massif and the sea.  And with it being less than an hour away from Barcelona it was the perfect place for our vacation.  Sitges is referred to as the Saint-Tropez of Spain and it the country’s top destination for gay and lesbian travelers.   

We started our first day just walking through the town seeing and getting a feel for the town had to offer and in the seven days we’d spend there, a lot.  There was an abundance of side streets and alleyways that made the town even more exciting to explore and absorb and enjoy.  There was no main street and traffic was almost non existent.  Even walking through the neighborhoods throughout the town at no point do you ever feel overwhelmed it was truly the definition of a small town that could’ve been anywhere in the U.S.

We started out first day just walking through the town seeing all Sitges had to offer and in the seven days we’d spend there, a lot. There was an abundance of side streets and alleyways that made the town even more exciting to explore and absorb and enjoy.  ‘Small but mighty’ is probably the best way to describe Sitges, for such a small town all it has to offer is more than we ever expected.

Our first day started with rain that lasted just a enough to make a few puddles and it would rain just one more time during our stay.  Once the skies cleared we found our way to the Iglesia de (church of) San Bartolomé y Santa Tecla, by complete accident as we had no place in mind as to where would start siteseeing. The church is one of the towns most iconic images sitting high on a hill presiding over everything.  The church was blessed on July 18, 1672 and it is a baroque temple of the three naves.  

From there we continued that walk to the shore line and washed the waves crash onto land and stood and looked along the shore line and took Sitges in, it is truly a beautiful town a place those that want the major city close by and far enough away at the same time and even at its noisiest you could still sleep.  Unless you were at one the town’s many restaurants, bar’s and nightclubs and they kept us out till all hours of the night drinking and dancing all over town.

But not before you have dinner at any restaurant offering you the finest cuisine you want from the traditional Spanish, to the steak and seafood lover no one will be disappointed with the multitude of restaurants, some of which are on the beach allowing you to dine under a star filled sky.

And as for nightlife the town has more clubs and discos than some major cities I’ve been too.  From the time side street bar to the huge discos whatever your taste and desire you will find here.  The fact is whatever you are looking for on holiday you will find it here.  Aside from the beaches and nightlife.  There are art galleries and historical sites and retail stores selling the latest trend.

The people here are amazing as well and always ready to help you find the place you’re trying to visit or help get you back home.  This town was an unexpected surprise for us and while I prefer traveling alone having my two best friends with me made it all the more special.

Sitges is a town that has so much to offer everyone from families to those traveling solo and everyone in between.  And with Barcelona an hour away you can’t go wrong.



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