Sydney, Australia -17 hours in the sky worth every minute in this city

My first trip to Europe in May of 2000 was Berlin, Germany.  It would be the longest flight I’ve ever taken and my first over night.  With a stop over flight in Frankfurt all together it was about nine or ten hours in what felt like an eternity.  But with each new journey flight time was no longer a real issue as the majority were all over night flights and the ones that weren’t the time difference was not that extreme so I was able to adjust quickly.  And then came Sydney, Australia.

One thing I always do before I board a plane I simply stare at it and somehow mentally prepare myself – ‘I am going to be on that plane for an extended amount of time’ and once that door closes there’s no going back.  And on this day, this flight I would begin a two month adventure ‘down under’.  Well for those of that can sit on a plane for nearly twenty hours pack your bags and go to Sydney, Australia – in my fifty five cities it is easily in the top ten.  The energy this city packs is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

The culture, the people sites and sounds and the countless things this city offers will keep anyone that visit occupied for a very long time.  From the amazing opera house, or a climb up the famous Sydney Bridge, to the it’s wine and cuisine – kangaroo anyone??  And Australian’s are some of the most laid back and friendliest people I’ve met in all my years of travel and the nightlife is just as exciting as the daytime with bars and nightclubs that will keep you happy until it is daytime once again.  So suck it up, get your dramamine and book a flight to Sydney, Australia, twenty hours worth every minute.   


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