Top 10 Reasons why I’ll always visit Israel

10 Reasons Why I will always visit Israel

When I told my friends I was visiting Israel they all responded ‘why would you go to Israel?’ With the tension as high as it was, my response, why not? There’s no such thing as a safe time to travel anywhere in the world. ‘How long will you visit and why are you here?’ My passport was stamped, got a cab and we were off.

An orange sun was rising illuminating what darkness remained. Each kilometer brought me closer, once we exited the city was slowly coming to life and once I got out of the cab – I stood and looked around and I could finally say it – I was in Israel, I was in Tel Aviv and for the next eight days I’d experience all this fascinating country has to offer, and here are the 10 reasons I’ll always visit Israel:

1. Jerusalem – with all this has it could’ve been the entire list and because of that it is number one.

2. Tel Aviv – this fascinating metropolis stand against any world city and hold its own.

3. Middle Eastern Cuisine – it’s always a shock when you have a cuisine you love in the country it comes from and you realize your country was close, but yet so far .

4. Israeli Wine – I know when people think of fine wine Israel is among the last country that you’d think of, well if you can buy it, do it!!!

5. The Boardwalk – this is one of the best places to sit and people watch and listen to the waves of the Mediterranean Sea

6. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art – small and mighty – what I love most about this museum it is the perfect size with the right amount of artand a bonus is ‘Pastel’ the museum’s restaurant.

7. The Israel Symphony Orchestra – like the wine I am sure most people do not speak of the Israel Symphony Orchestra when it comes to the best in the world, well you should.

8. The Tel Aviv Nightlife – in all my years of travel, Tel Aviv’s nightlife is right up there with the best. Tiny bars on any side street, to live music to the big dance clubs – whatever your taste, you will find it.

9. Saturday’s – from banks, to malls and just about everything in between it is all closed it is their day  dedicated to friends and family.

We have a tie for #10

10.  Israeli’s – among the nicest people I’ve met in my travels and always ready to shake a hand and make a friend

10.  Safety –  the fact is Israel might be the safest country I’ve visited with all they do to protect you safety was never a concern




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