Don’t and Do’s in Boston


Boston is a world class city attracting millions of visitors throughout the year offering everything you can ask for but with this list of don’t and do’s it is a city that doesn’t have to come at a world class price.

Touring the city:

For those that don’t wish to walk the city, although that is the only real way to city, there are many that will get you where ever you want –

Tours of Boston – the city offers multitudes of tours whether by foot, bus or boat, although walking is the true way to enjoy Boston, here are some you can sit back and enjoy the ride: 


 waste money on a Duck Tour  this might be the biggest waste of money for those that want to see the Boston.  A family of four will pay $160.00 a history lesson – the only highlight if you can call it that is a ride up and down the Charles River something you can do for free.  

DO –

use that $160 and buy a ticket on the Hop On – Hop Off Bus it takes you all over the city to every historical site and you’re able to get off the bus and spend as much time as you want until another bus arrives to take you to the next destination.  You can cancel up to 24 hours  and your ticket comes with $50 worth of discounts to restaurants and other attractions, value wise the Duck Tour sinks.

Viewing Boston from high above

now this DO and DON’T are in the same building.  The Prudential is the second tallest in the city with an observatory on top of it for those that want to see Boston fifty two floors high.  A family of four will pay $76 instead take the money, go down a floor and have lunch or dinner at The Top of the Hub and still get the amazing views that the Skywalk has.


DON’T waste money on cabs or Uber instead buy a T pass for the amount of time you will be here.  The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority has been voted best public transportation – The T as it is known throughout the city will get you where you want and depending on the time of day, faster than a taxi or Uber.  The four lines will connect you to the entire state so DO buy yourself a T pass and save yourself  money.


FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!  The travelers favorite word and in Boston three of our top museums depending on the day and time are just that.  The Museum of Fine Arts is free admission every Wednesday.  The Institute of Contemporary Art 17 and under are free and on Thursday nights from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. it is free for everyone.  The Children’s Museum which is diagonal to the ICA is not free but every Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. it is $1 person during the day it is $17 per person so at the price it might as well be free so DON’T pay to visit these museums wait for any of the given day or night and enter for free.


Something Boston doesn’t have a shortage of are four and five star hotels, the ones that four and five percent of the population can afford and the three and two star hotels aren’t much cheaper – DON’T waste your time and money.  Look into staying at hotels in the suburbs, outside of the city where hotels are cheaper and with the ‘T’ running from five a.m. to midnight getting in and out of the city or wherever you visit on any given day will not be a problem.

And after a day of seeing this amazing take a walk on the Charles River.

And here are a few things to consider when you visit this beautiful city and when it is over your wallet will still love you.

DO visit BOSTON and DO have a great time.




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