Copenhagen – II

In seventeen years of travel the one thing that will always be a constant adjustment is a different time zone.  Visiting a country that are eight or ten hours ahead of Boston, and in the case of Australia losing an entire day but ultimately you adjust.  There is no challenge like adjusting to a place in constant daylight.  Imagine the city you live in never getting dark and having to adjust to that it.  Well I’d do it all over again because I absolutely love this city. 

And here are the top ten places you must visit – 

1. Rundetaarn – this is located in the central part of the city.  It is a 17th century tower and it is the best place to stand and admire this city and this is a moment you’re happy the sky never darkens.  There is also an art museum, and depending on the time of year they host concerts.

2. Amalienborg – this is where The Danish Royal Family live during the winter and after a tour through this I can’t even begin to imagine what the summer palace must be like.  And for those of that love seeing the changing of the guard this is the place to be.

3. The Royal Danish Theater – this is home to both the Danish Playhouse and the Opera House.  Not only do you get to see both theaters it also takes you through the behind scenes as well and see all it takes to keep the theater on pace.  And on any given you might even take in a performance.

4. The Copenhagen Zoo – the name says it all if you want a relaxing day this is a place to be – especially those with children.  Roam around and see the most gentlest of animals to the most feared predators.  The zoo is worth a visit.

5. Guiness World Records – there is nothing in here that is native to Denmark, no history, works of art or sculptor but this place is quite fascinating – from records set around the world to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, this place is fascinating.  And like the zoo if you want a day and step out of the norm for a few hours this is a place you must visit.

6. National Museum of Denmark – everything Denmark, you could visit for days, but a few hours are plenty, a definite must.  Like the zoo, the name says it all.

7. Nyhavn – this is a 17th century waterfront, canal and entertainment district.  It is an array of brightly colored 17th and 18th century townhouses.   The canal has multitudes of wooden ships.  You’ll also find some of the restaurants, cafes and bars.  So after a day or night or day of site seeing you can either end it, start it or depending on the time of day end or begin.

8. Orstedsparken – this is a public park in the city center and the perfect place to relax and people watch and just sit and take in this amazing city.

9. Museum of Copenhagen – the name says it all, inside this museum is everything Copenhagen and like Denmark it is just as fascinating.

10. Stroget – at 1.1 km (.68 miles) Stroget is one of the longest pedestrian street in all of Europe and of the most popular spots in the city, if you want to spend some time shopping this is your spot.

And this is a small, very small sampling of all that Copenhagen has to offer go and see for yourself, you will love it – day or night or is night or day.

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