A Walk through Palermo

After all the drama that started the night before the guys gave me a beautiful corner suite that looked out onto to the city square.  They apologized once more and made me breakfast and from there I began my time in Palermo.

 I started the day at the Palermo Cathedral. I’ll never know what it is that attracts me to a cathedral, maybe because they all have that feeling of serenity and safety, perhaps we find comfort, lighting a candle in the memory of a loved one in a foreign country, I don’t know what it is, but I am happy they do attract because the Palermo Cathedral was amazing. It is set in 13th and 14th century Gothic style and inside the Royal Duomo are the tombs of Sicily’s King’s.

Once I left the cathedral I continued walking with no set place in mind and then to my surprise I came upon the Palazzo Riso, Palermo’s Museum of Contempory Art. For the few of you that have read my blog I love an afternoon in an art museum. This museum was much more enjoyable because the works were by artists that only create contemporary and none of them looked like a high school experiment. The museum is a must see for those of you that might visit Palermo.


 I’d end the day with a tour of Teatro Massimo. It is a 3,200 seat theater built between 1875 and 1897 by Giovanni Battista Basile and his son Ernesto. It became one of Sicily’s most famous opera houses it officially opened May 16, 1897 with a performance of Verdi’s ‘Falstaff’, Teatro Massimo’ is another must see if you visit Palermo.

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