I am The Traveling Black Man

I was sitting with a co-worker deciding where I’d go for vacation in March of 2000 and she said – ‘Why don’t you go to Europe?’ and that simple suggestion, turned out to be anything but because that would light the travel fire in me. I never expected two weeks in Europe would be the start of an obsession, need, want, desire a downright addiction and if someone ever told me over the next seventeen years I’d travel to fifty five cities in thirty three countries on four continents after one trip to Europe – I might’ve said you are 100% correct.  Over these last seventeen years having traveled to fifty-five cities in thirty four countries on four continents there is nothing in this world like travel. 

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Boston up until Europe most of my vacations were long weekends to New York, Miami or Montreal and it got me out of Boston for a few days and that began to bore me, but that day I landed in Berlin, Germany in May of 2000 changed everything – New York, Montreal and Miami I had a good time but our days together are at an end – I’ve found love overseas.

And in my seventeen years I’ve come to realize that black men do not travel, or there is a small percentage of that do.  I don’t know if it lack of interest, desire or need or there isn’t a place black men can read about experiences and get information.  They are content where they are or prefer to stay in the US.  As much as I love Boston my need, desire and interest to travel consumes me, each day wanting to grab my passport and go to terminal E (international) at Logan International Airport and pick a one way ticket going anywhere.  And that sweet day is real close.

I work as a waiter in one of the city’s top hotels catering to the rich and richer.  Each day I see them arriving in their Bentley’s, Mercedes, Range Rover’s and once they’ve checked I get to serve them – someone kill me – but the thing about waiting tables it pays for my travel but each day I am waiting for that one table to push me over the edge and I have my ‘fuck this’ moment and I pack a bag and go to Logan International Airport, terminal E buy a one way ticket going anywhere and say goodbye to Boston and the US for good.  I’m not happy living in Boston and I’m not sad I’m content and it sucks and it isno longer acceptable.

‘..Every journey brings me closer..

my tag line is a quote from the song ‘Break Every Rule’ by Tina Turner and people often ask me what do I mean by that. What I mean is that with each new journey I embark on it brings me a little closer to the day I can say ‘I’m living my life, my way.’ It brings me closer to that day when I can say I’ve found my paradise, the day I meet that person I want to spend the rest of my life with and we travel the world together. Every journey brings me closer to complete and total happiness and pure joy when I’ve left the past behind and focus on my present with my eyes set on my future.

I am Aron G. Foster and I am The Traveling Black Man

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  1. AH! You are perfect to have a website like this! I miss you, Aron. In fact, I still have the card you sent to me after I had the back surgery and then my dad died. I love you, and I wish you the happiest things in life!

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