Welcome to Palermo

After eight grueling hours I finally reached Palermo, Sicily, file this under ‘what was I thinking?’  Once I exited the train station I handed the cab driver my address and we were off.  It was nighttime and the city was absolute beauty, bright and alive and it looked like the eight hours may have been worth it.  Well that all came crashing down when we reached the hotel.

hotel, motel, holiday inn

It looked like an abandon building. The front door was decaying and there were no lights on anywhere in the building but right there on the door as plain as day is the name ‘B&B Carella’. I am thinking to myself, there’s no way I am staying here. The advertisement on bookings.com gave the property and 9.1 rating, location, cleanliness, value and staff. Right now the only thing it got right was location. The door to the hotel was on the second floor and at the time there was no staff on and the door was answered by two lesbians from Argentina and because they had no idea who this black man was they shut the door in my face.

On the third floor of the building a lady lived with her son and she took me up to her place and I guess she called the owners and they were on the way but she spoke no English and she called her son out to translate. And out from behind the door emerges a 6’2? obese Italian man in his 30’s wearing pajamas, actual pajamas from head to toe, it was quite a sight, it was also very creepy. You had a grown man in his 30’s wearing pajamas and doggy slippers and the mother smoking multiple cigarettes while she talks on the phone, and once again I am asking myself ‘am I being filmed?’



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